Member Agreement

Thank you for considering joining Long Season Farm for the late fall and winter! When you join Long Season Farm for the winter season, you agree to the following membership terms, and we agree to the farmers agreement. Please review all four tabs, Payment, Member Guidelines, Member Agreement and Farmers Agreement, by clicking on the left side bar, before committing.
Membership Guidelines
Membership Agreement
Farmers Agreement

You can pay in full upon signing up or select one our deposit options to officially reserve your share for the season. All initial invoices must be paid 7 days after receipt of the Quickbooks invoice. It sometimes takes us 1-2 days to send them after receiving your initial form response. We start the 7 days when we actually email the invoice to you. After your initial deposit, your next payment, either the share balance, or your scheduled payment plan payment is due by the first distribution. 


Membership prices are set for the season for the two share sizes.

Share contents are chosen by the farmers, no substitutions. Shares are prepacked at the distribution. Members are required to bring their own bags and totes to carry their vegetables home. 

Members are responsible for making their best effort to be at each scheduled distribution at the scheduled time and date.

Members who are not able to attend a distribution are responsible for communicating this to the farmers ahead at least 1 day in advance of the distribution to make alternate arrangements, with in reason. This should be done occasionally and not regularly. Failure to comply with this could result in the forfeiture of that specific share. (We make exceptions to emergencies, so it never hurts to reach out.)

Members who cannot make a distribution can also ask someone to pick up their share for them. Members are responsible for informing those persons of the distribution guidelines, and start and end time.

Members who choose to split their share with someone else are responsible for splitting the share themselves and tracking any details with each other; the farmers are not be responsible for splitting your share.

A list of what to expect is emailed in advance of each distribution. This email also serves as a reminder of the pick up schedule and times.

When inclement weather is forecasted to create unsafe driving conditions, we will either shift the distribution window or reschedule the distribution. These communications happen via email in as much advance notice as is reasonably possible.


As a member of Long Season Farm’s Winter Share Program, I understand that I am partaking in the risks and rewards of this farming venture. I understand this means that harvests might be larger or smaller than I expect, that the balance of the share will change throughout the season, and that circumstances outside of anyone’s control can impact the season.

I understand that I cannot switch out items in my share.

I will bring my own bags to bring my share home.

I agree to make my best effort to attend the scheduled distributions with in the set distribution window and understand that if I cannot, I run the risk of forfeiting my share for that week.

I understand that the shares are not meant to be full-diet, and there may be some things like onions that may want to purchase to cook my vegetables with.

Additionally, I have read, understand, and agree to the membership guidelines.


As your farmers, we are committed to providing you a high quality, diverse assortment of vegetables, and a good value for your money. Though the share contents are chosen by us, we make our best effort to create balanced, nutritious, complementary assortments that can be transformed into meals in your kitchen. Though some things are out of our control, we will always strive to exceed your expectations, and will do everything within our power to make sure that you are getting the best produce possible at the scheduled distribution times. We agree to send an email reminder ahead of each distribution. We agree make the distributions as safe and inclusive for all.