About Us

About Long Season Farm

Long Season Farm is a small, diversified, certified organic vegetable farm focusing on four season production of high quality vegetables for sale at farmers markets. 

We utilize the main growing season to have a bounty of warm loving crops from late spring through fall. In the “off season” our high tunnels house cold hardy greens and roots, while our cooler stores roots crops and cabbages. We embrace the seasons rather than struggle against them and so through the seasons we only select varieties that so their absolute best for the period we grow them. 

Our Growing Practices

We’re small and certified organic, but our practices mean more to us than just a label. We believe our farm is only as successful as it is sustainable, and for us that means care for both our land and the lives of us and those we employ. 

We focus on using scale appropriate tools and methods. Some tasks we do with a tractor, but many of the jobs on the farm are done by hand. We use applications of compost and balanced organic fertilizers to replenish the soil, and use cover crops to build and rest our soil. 

Like so many small -scale growers, our direct and daily connection to the soil and the food we harvest from it comes through in the flavor and quality you’ll find at our market table.

Long Season Farm Through the Seasons

Four season farming means exactly what you would think it does – we are farming all year round.

As the seasons turn over so does our farm. Crops are sown, then harvested. Vegetables come into, then out of season. Our work days lengthen and eventually shorten. Temperatures peak before they slip back down.

We love the cycle of it all. Each season has its challenge and its bounty. Ask us whats best each week at the market, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Each spring the farm comes alive with activity. Seedlings are started in the greenhouse, sowings are begun in the fields, and our over-wintered crops burst with new growth. Look for abundant spinach, early radishes & the tastiest arugula!

Heat brings us all of the fruiting vegetables. Ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant and more. Bunching greens are abundant as is the weed pressure. We hope for timely rains and low humidity!

Our favorite season because everything is in season. When else can you pair a tomato harvested before the first fall freeze with chicory that has been sweetened by frost? Fall is harvest season for a reason. 

Winter is the slowest and most difficult time of the year for fresh crops. It’s hard; maybe that’s why we have put so much focus on honing our skills here. Every leaf is precious, so we spend more time in the kitchen and less time in the fields. Nothing is better than roasted roots, mashed potatoes, or braised greens.