I am wondering if this will ever wear off, but I still really love growing vegetables. Each year, I have at least one obsession crop. A crop that I spend my free time on, if you know what I mean. One year it was beets, another onions, there was the cabbage year, and of course kale, which has come back around again this year. Coincidentally (or maybe not?), it turns out that all of my most favorite things to grow are hardy roots and greens, and they are all a plenty right now, and oh-so-photogenic.

Watermelon Radish
Detroit Dark Red Beet
Red-Cored Chantaney Carrot
Minowase Daikon Radishes
Tokyo Market Turnips
Unknown Radish
Group Shot, October 15, 2014
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  1. Patrice Heber

    Your farm looks so beautiful and I am so grateful that you do all of that wonderful work to feed us in the Hudson Valley. I shop at the High Falls Coop and I don’t know where I saw your sign that said something about vegetables in the winter. I would like to purchase from you directly whenever that is possible in the next few months. How can I do that? What days are you there or selling?
    What are your names? It would be nice to connect your farm with your faces and your names. Please include some photos of yourselves on the site. Maybe I haven’t looked deep enough into your site. Thank you again, Patrice

    1. Hi Patrice! Thanks so much for your lovely comment! We will indeed add some photos of ourselves, thanks for the tip.
      We are running a winter CSA off our farm but are currently sold out of shares. We currently are not selling produce to the coop–but I did have a flyer there. I’d love to keep you on our contact list though for future markets. Thanks! Erin

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