Fresh Baby Ginger & Turmeric in the Hudson Valley

We’re all about extending the growing season in the Hudson Valley as much as we possibly can. For us, this isn’t limited to just growing in the winter, but also extending the season to grow crops that aren’t traditionally grown here.

This spring, after we had cleared our winter spinach high tunnel, we planted it full of turmeric and ginger seedlings we propagated in our greenhouse. The plastic cover of our high tunnel created a slightly warmer environment that has allowed these tropical crops to thrive. It has taken all summer, but we are finally at the first harvest of this luscious tropical crop!

img_4485If you’ve never tried baby ginger or turmeric, you are in for a real treat. (And if you have, then you are probably already wanting to get your hands on some!) Since our season is shorter, our ginger and turmeric are harvested young. They are tender, with just the hint of skin, and slice easily almost like butter, with out a trace of fibrous texture. These gingers, sold as a whole plant, greens and all, will not store on your counter for months like the ginger you can buy year round.

To use: The mild flavor and smooth texture lend extremely well to pickling, but eating fresh is also highly recommended! Do not discard the leaves and stems, rather use them much like lemongrass by steeping them in liquid to impart the flavor as tea, in stocks, or in soup.

We are offering our crop for sale at the Woodstock Farm Festival this September, starting Wednesday, September 14th. Come get yours this week! Woodstock Farm Festival, 3:30 – 6:45 pm.

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